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Whenever and wherever
you are

Plazaro is an online hotel management system. You can connect with any PC, tablet or mobile phone, no matter if you are in the office, at home or at the beach. No more licenses, troublesome installations and, above all, no more unnecessary costs. One simple registration and Plazaro will take care of your business.

Propose your own

Plazaro is always one step ahead – thanks to your ideas! So far, we have implemented 98 % of them. Keep looking forward to new amazing features, polished look and enhanced user experience, all of these automatically and gratis.

Pay only when you
use the system

We devised a new revolutionary way of paying for the service - monthly fee is calculated based on the room price and current occupancy. If you offer cheap accommodation with many rooms, you'll pay only for the occupied rooms. If your facility is closed for some months of a year, you won't pay a dime.

Bring the customers
back to your website

Every traveller craves for a reliable reservations. That's the reason why booking portals like are so popular, even though they usually offer only pre-reservations. With Plazaro, a customer instantly knows whether your rooms are available. Offer a better price as a bonus, and you have the deal.

Don't look for guides,
you won't need them

Tired of reading endless guides only to get going? Great, we are tired of writing those. Plazaro is made in an intuitive way so no guides are necessary. Still, we are here for you 24x7 in the chat, on the phone or reachable via e-mail.

Use the collected
data to the maximum

Do you want to compare last month's revenue or occupancy of the rooms with previous years? Do you want to have an overview of incoming orders or whether you rather accommodate companies, men or foreign guests? Plazaro offers comprehensive overview thanks to the clean yet complex statistics.

Exchange bureaucracy
for entrepreneurship

If you are not one of those who look forward to calculate and fill out the forms all night long, you have just found an ideal solution. Plazaro will calculate, fill out, print and send all the forms electronically.

Stay in touch with
your customers

Plazaro allows you to update customers with all the latest news, events, or just wish them Happy Christmas. Sophisticated filtering enables to target the appropriate customers and enhance the users' experience. You can export the e-mail addresses too and use them in third-party applications.

Is there anything left
to say?

We could write an entire novel on Plazaro features. But don't waste more time now, sign up and see for yourself.

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Tip! Usual occupancy of an accommodation facility varies from 30 % to 50 %.

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Plazaro features

  • Reservation overview
  • Guest and co. database
  • Cash and invoices
  • Stock control
  • Guest book
  • Police reports
  • Complex statistics
  • Emailing
  • Security (HTTPS, IP address restriction)
  • Telephone exchange
  • Your own subdomain
  • Optional dedicated server